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Poetry- Dust
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 No movement but will make it's havoc
In the moted air. Have you watched the stir
 Of dust behind you on the stair, the hassock
Yields its quota to your prayer?
 In putting on or off of linen fair, of stomachers,
Y-fronts or buskins, must be dust
Full-fashioned as the particles which rose
And wreathed young Helen's hair, Telmachus
The fabled Greek, the musk of Judas
Clinging to the pale Christ's cheek.
 At once remotest ancestor and yet
Our last posterity, inert, inanimate,
Forever mobile, inartiulate: the dust's
A contract in the scheme of things, a debt
Outstanding to be paid in kind.  
Of dust, the stuff of stars and death,
A metaphor outworn by priests,
Ignored by poets drawing breath
Or something cataclysmic in the way
Of similie, there is nothing new to say.
 There was nothing new to say of dust
Until all on a summer's day
Hiroshima rose up, and a dust
Most radiantly new fell out
And came to stay. 
Gabriel Fielding- 1955