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Gabriel Fielding circa 1958 by R. E. Molyneux

"I think of such novelists as Conrad, E.M. Forster, R.C. Hutchinson and others who have given themselves to a deliberate exploration of this art of fiction, as did Turgenev. I have read [Gabriel Fielding's novels] with an increasing realisation that here is an artist worthy of inclusion in that company."

-Richard Church

"This ( The Birthday King) is a haunting and terrible book. Gabriel Fielding has turned his brilliant and precise genius to a ruthless examination of 'Hitler-Time' in Germany, skillfully interweaving fiction with historical fact."

- Richard Hughes  New York Times Book Review

"This brilliant book is one of the fine English novels of recent years...written with such narrative power and phychological insight, that it leaves one bedazzled with admiration."

- Orville Prescott (on In the Time of Greenbloom) New York Times

"For the first time in a decade of reviewing I feel justified in prophesying that a new novel will be judged by posterity as one of the great books of our time. I refer to The Birthday King"

-B. Evan Owen The Oxford Mail

"... the best novel so far about the rule of the swastika...Mr. Fielding's style is precise and elegant, alive and convincing."

-Joseph P. Bauke (On The Birthday King) The Saturday Review

." imaginative penetration into the Germany of 1939-1945. It is preoccupation with' the innocent malevolence of the Teutonic mind', it reads like some exceptionally brilliant translation of a great unknown liberal survivor of the Nazi is the sinking of individuality, the turning of himself into an anonymous German, that makes The Birthday King not only his best work, but one of the most remarkable novels of the post-war era. "

       -Anthony Burgess

"One can read it (In the Time of Greenbloom) as one would a poem, dwelling on every word. Each is just right. The writing is marvelous. The novel is engaging, amusing, disturbing, moving. But most of all it is an excellent story, something unfortunately rare in contemporary literature."

-Tim Steury, Palouse Journal

"...It would be hard to describe the book's many qualities in a short space. Read It.It (Pretty Doll Houses) is not likely to be rivaled by many novels this year: for the range of its moods and sympathies; its sure eye for landscape and weather; its certain ear for dialogue and tones of voice; the sheer brilliance of the writing..."

-A.N. Wilson The Observer


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