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Gabriel Fielding (Alan Barnsley) circa 1967 by Mary Banks

1916: Gabriel Fielding born Gabriel Barnsley in Hexham, Northumberland, England. His father George was an Anglican vicar and his mother, Katherine Fielding Barnsley, was a descendant of the novelist Henry Fielding.

1925-1929: Secondary education started at the now defunct Grange School in Eastborne.

1929-1932: Attended St. Edward's School, Oxford.

1933: Attended Faircourt Academy, Eastborne.

1934: Attended Llangefni County School, Anglesey, Wales.

1935-1940: Received Bachelor of arts degree from Trinity College, Dublin, with prizes in Anatomy and Biology.
1938/39: Won Silver Medal for Oratory, University of Dublin Philosophical Society
1941-1942: Completed Medical Studies at St. George's Hospital Medical School, London; earned membership(1942) in the Royal College of Surgeons(England) and Licentiate in the Royal College of Physicans (London).

1943: Joined RAMC May 1943 as Lieutenant.
Married Edwina Eleanor Cook, October 30; 

1944: Commissioned as 'Captain' in RAMC.

1946: Left the Royal Army Medical Corps.
b. son Michael Fielding Barnsley- in Folkstone, Kent

1948: Began private practice in Maidstone, Kent, with two junior partners. Began his duties as a part-time medical officer in Her Majesty's Training Establishment (a prison) in Maidstone.
b. son Jonathan Milne Barnsley- Maidstone, Kent

1952: First book published in England: The Frog Prince and Other Poems.

1954: Brotherly Love (published in America in 1961).

1955: Twenty-Eight Poems (published in England only).

1956: In the Time of Greenbloom (published in America in 1957).
b. son Mario Simon George Gabriel Barnsley-Maidstone Kent

1957: b. daughter Felicity Anne Barnsley (Morris)- Maidstone, Kent

1958: Eight Days (published in America in 1959).

1960:Through Streets Broad and Narrow(published in America in 1960)
b. daughter Mary Gabriel Elizabeth Barnsley (Vorenkamp)- Maidstone, Kent
1962: The Birthday King (published in America in 1963)

Gabriel Fielding is upper row- third from left
Alan Barnsley 1931 at St Edwards School, Oxford- courtesy SES Archives



The author circa 1959

1962-1964:BBC radio corespondent.
1963: Received the W.H. Smith Annual Award for The Birthday King as well 'as the most outstanding contribution to English Literature for 1963'.
March 25,1963: Guest appearance on  'The Merv Griffin Show' 
1964:Awarded the Thomas More Gold Medal for The Birthday King, cited as 'the most distinguished contribution to 'Catholic literature' in 1963.
Travelled to Egypt with Edwina. Dec 10th, 1964: Completed screenplay for 'Queen Nefertiti- A Treatment

1966:Came to W.S.U. (Washington State University) in Pullman, Washington as 'Author in Residence" for 1 year, leaving busy medical practice in Maidstone, Kent, England.
Gentlemen in Their Season (published in America and England the same year)
Appeared on 'The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson' May 12.
1967: Honorary Doctorate of Literature (Litt.D.), Gonzaga University, May 28.
Accepted tenure at W.S.U. and became full time Professor of English. Left his Medical practice for good.

1972: New Queens for Old: A Novella and Nine Stories (Published in America the same year).Received the Washington State Governor's Writers Award for this book.

1979: Pretty Doll Houses (Hutchinson, London)

1981: Retired from W.S.U. Honored as 'Outstanding Professor WSU 1981'.

1983: In the Time of Greenbloom (reprinted by University of Chicago Press, Phoenix Fiction)

1985: The Birthday King (reprinted by University of Chicago Press, Phoenix Fiction)

1986: Through Streets Broad and Narrow ( reprinted by University of Chicago Press, Phoenix Fiction)
The Women of Guinea Lane (published by Hutchinson, London).

Alan Gabriel Barnsley dies at age 70 on November 27, in Bellevue Washington.
2013:  Pretty Doll Houses, The Birthday King and In the Time of Greenbloom become available worldwide, as digital books through Bloomsbury Publishing, London
2014: Through Street Broad and Narrow becomes available worldwide,  in digital format, through Bloomsbury Publishing, London
2016: Brotherly Love, Eight Days, and Gentlemen In Their Season become available worldwide, in digital format, through  PFD Publishers in the Amazon Kindle shop.